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Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Soon every home will have a robot helper.

Don’t worry.

It’s perfectly safe.

Written, Directed & Edited by Ruairi Robinson

Starring Max Records from “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Cinematography by Macgregor

Music by Olafur Arnalds courtesy of Erased Tapes

Funded by Bord Scannan na hEireann / Irish film Board

Budget was 45k euro - for the shoot. Visual effects budget was a grand total of zeeero. I designed Blinky, modeled him in 3D and played both the his voice and the body mocap performance. And did most of the VFX. Thankfully all footage of me in the skintight mocap suit has been permanently destroyed.

Visual effects were completed over a period of 9 months, of hell. There’s a reason why you don’t see too many wet CG characters in movies even with 100 million dollar budgets. It’s really, really hard.

Cityscape Chicago II from Eric Hines on Vimeo.

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Cityscape Chicago II is a personal timelapse piece that I have worked on periodically over the past two years. The inspiration behind the project ties similarly with the original piece. As the city of Chicago continues to change, my fascination with it grows as well. The goal for me is always to capture the city in a unique way from new perspectives, and to continue exploring it.

The timelapse sequences in this video were all shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses. Motion control used in the making of the piece was provided by the Kessler CineDrive and Second Shooter.

If you are a fan of my work and other timelapsers, please hit this link to check out a new project we are collaborating on.

“Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’ | facebook.com/theamericandollar


Into Dusk - Short Film from Jason Ho on Vimeo.

Ellie is terminal. Wren is broke and struggling, but would do anything to keep her alive. With only a gun and his love, can he do what it takes to save her life?

Into Dusk is a proof of concept scene for a planned feature film. It was created by people who love cyberpunk.


We are hoping to spread the word to show investors people are interested in a longer version of this film.

Ryan Colbert
Piper Quinn
Natalie Reynolds

Directed by Jason Ho

Executive Producer Naohiko Isomura at Artmark Project, Tokyo

Written by Jason Ho and Andrew Post

Cinematography: TJ Schwingle

VFX: Jesse Pelkey

Art Direction/Set Design: Aaron Schmoll & Elizabeth Richardson

Sound Design and Original Score: Nick Leisenheimer

Editor: Cody Brown

AD: Cody Brown
Production Coordinator: Anne Mahoney

1st AC: Chris Hadlund
2nd AC: Dan Godar
Grip: Chris Savage
Set Builider: Alissa Gold
Set Builder: Ben Gascoigne
Makeup: Miki Sautbine
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Richardson
Graphic Designer: Kipp Crawford
Color: Michael Sandness
Titles: Travis Kragh
Concept Art: Irina Levin
Special Thanks: Michael Heagle & Sarah Jean Shervin
RED Scarlet Camera and Lenses Provided by Nick Junkersfeld

The Frozen Forest from Ben Lean on Vimeo.

Best viewed Fullscreen in HD (1920x1080)

Shot January 2012. Locations include Burleigh Falls and dense forest area north of Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Take a deep breath, feel the frosted flow of nature through your soul as you enter the Frozen Forest.

Music by Julian Scott-“Chill 2”
Licensed through the Vimeo Music Store

Canon 7D, 40D, T3i for 24 hour timelapse intro

Sigma 10mm Fisheye, 10-20mm, 17-70mm
Tokina 11-16mm

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly + MX2


Forest Fire from Kevin Gautraud on Vimeo.

A project I did with my brother Joel Gautraud vimeo.com/joelgautraud

Created to be a visual aid during a speech.
I was responsible for asset creation. The client needed the fire to react at very specific times so its not all that realistic :)

I used Octane Render for the forest and Turbulence FD for all of the smoke and fire.
Compositing was heavy on this and really made the whole thing work

forest from Arsentv on Vimeo.

Empty Forest from Ben Lean on Vimeo.

Best Viewed in HD(1920x816)

She danced upon a river
On the bottom where she lay
The forest moved inside her
To the stars she floats away…

Music by Stray Theories-“Existence”
Licensed through the Music Bed musicbed.com/artists/stray-theories/20649

Shot with Canon 7D, T3i
eMotimo TB3 Black
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero


Primeval Forest from Luke Humphrey on Vimeo.

The following sounds and images were recorded in old growth redwood forests along the northern California coastline.

This is where the tallest trees in the world live. Some have been alive for 2000 years.

Still photography: lukeallenhumphrey.com/primeval

Related blog entry: tmblr.co/Z7yaSy40-lzG

Music: From the Animal Kingdom soundtrack.

Forest from Matthias Lehnherr on Vimeo.

Test of the Kessler Pocket Dolly with the Oracle Controller.
Filmed wit Sony Nex FS-100 Samyang 1.4 35mm, Samyang Fisheye and 16mm Sony E Lens

SUICIDE SILENCE : Wake Up from David Brodsky on Vimeo.